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2014 MoneyShow In Las Vegas


The 2014 MoneyShow is scheduled to take place at Caesars Palace May 12 – 15. This is one of those events that any level of investor stands to gain knowledge from and you can register for free! They have over 75 speakers lined up and no matter what your personal financial situation is, you will be able to find someone who can help you plan for the future.

This is the biggest financial expositions in Vegas and the amount of information that will be available during those four days will astound you. Learn from the best and most famous money gurus and make sure you go home with renewed confidence when it comes to putting your money to work for you.

Anyone who is thinking of buying stocks for the first time should stop by this show and find out the best way to get started. With the stock market near all time highs and interest rates near zero, it is confusing where investors should put their money. Before jumping into stocks, new investors will benefit from a show like this because they will learn exactly what their investing options are from industry experts. In 2014 it is harder than ever to make your money work for you and that is why attending this sort of exposition will open your eyes to your different opportunities.

You will be able to find discounted hotel prices by visiting the MoneyShow website if you want to fly in just for the show. If you are going to be in town during any of those days just for pleasure, make sure you put aside some time to stop by!


If your Las Vegas show schedule allows it, the Blue Man Group is a spectacular show that is flashy, loud, rythmic, and totally Vegas. This show is very quickly becoming a staple of Las Vegas as more and more people flock to the Venetian to see it.

The Blue Man Group is mostly about music and mulimedia theatrics with a little comedy thrown in. This is a high energy non stop performance that will leave you breathless and cheering for more. They use just about anything you can think of and turn it into a musical instrument of some sort and their inventiveness and creativity is what makes this show mesmerizing to the end.

The Blue Man Group does travel to some other cities in America but their Las Vegas show is the flagship show and their home base. This is the big show and you have to be in Vegas to see it. They are accompanied by a live band and you can take any age children and not worry about them seeing something inappropriate.

They will be playing all over the country this summer of 2009 so you will have to get lucky to see them in Las Vegas.



Terry Fator’s claim to fame was winning the America’s Got Talent show on television which propelled him into one of the most entertaining shows in Las Vegas. This is a family friendly show that everyone will love and you can see it right now at the Terry Fator Theater at the Mirage. Prior to his move to the Mirage which is a major hotel on the strip, he could be seen at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Terry Fator is a man of puppets and ventriloquism who sings an impersonates his way into your heart. He has a huge cast of puppets and impersonations and you never know exactly what you are going to get when he walks out on stage each night. He can impersonate performers such as Bill Cosby, Garth Brooks, Marvin Gaye and his range of voices and singing styles is truly impressive.

When you combine all the talents this man has, you get a show that is guaranteed to please every member of your family and it is one of the few shows you can take children to and not be scared of what might happen or be said. When you throw in the vetriloquism with his impressive collection of puppets, you have one of the the most entertaining good time shows that can be seen in Las Vegas. if you want to leave a show with a smile, Terry Fator is the show to see.



Zumanity at New York New York in Las Vegas is a Cirque Du Soleil show that is a little bit different from the others. This is one of the shows in Las Vegas that you shouldn’t bring children to as it is more about sexual experimentation and exploration than anything else.

Before you are ever seated you might have a chance to mingle with one of the dancers or actors as they mingle with the audience members as they file into the theater. Once seated, you will be in for a show that is full of fabulous Corque Du Soleil costumes and something that strikes you as being a cabaret style performance.

Unlike another Cirque Du Soleil production Mystere, there is no real story line that connects the many vignettes that make up the show. You will witness acrobats and dancing that are all in a sexual nature and it all combines for a production unlike anything else in Las Vegas right now.



If you can fit it in to your Las Vegas show schedule, Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere at Treasure Island is a show you don’t want to miss. This show first debuted in 1993 and has been going strong ever since with more than 6 million tickets sold. Mystere is one of the first Cirque Du Soleil shows and is obviously one of the most liked.

The Treasure Island Theater is full of colors and imagery and is quite a site to behold as it is the perfect venue for a show like Mystere. Dancers, acrobats, singers, musicians, clowns, and lion tamers all make their appearance and the costumes are outrageously wonderful as expected.

Mystere is a vintage Cirque Du Soleil show with the expected flair for different kinds of entertainment all thrown together to make one breathtaking show. There is something there for everyone and you can be sure that you will have a great time as this show has stood the test of time in Las Vegas like no other.