Find The Best Shows in Las Vegas



If your Las Vegas show schedule allows it, the Blue Man Group is a spectacular show that is flashy, loud, rythmic, and totally Vegas. This show is very quickly becoming a staple of Las Vegas as more and more people flock to the Venetian to see it.

The Blue Man Group is mostly about music and mulimedia theatrics with a little comedy thrown in. This is a high energy non stop performance that will leave you breathless and cheering for more. They use just about anything you can think of and turn it into a musical instrument of some sort and their inventiveness and creativity is what makes this show mesmerizing to the end.

The Blue Man Group does travel to some other cities in America but their Las Vegas show is the flagship show and their home base. This is the big show and you have to be in Vegas to see it. They are accompanied by a live band and you can take any age children and not worry about them seeing something inappropriate.

They will be playing all over the country this summer of 2009 so you will have to get lucky to see them in Las Vegas.


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