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One of the newest shows in Las Vegas is magician extraordinaire  Criss Angel. This show is at the Luxor on the Las Vegas strip and it is a Cirque du Soleil-Criss Angel production.  Anyone who has see Criss on his MindFreak TV show knows that this super hyped magician / performer is going to give you everything he’s got. 

In Criss Angel: Believe, he will take his audience through a strange and mystifying journey through the haunting inner workings of his mind and the surreal world created by Cirque du Soleil performers in his show Believe, directed by Serge Denoncourt.

Unlike having a continuous story line like most of the other Cirque du Soleil shows, in this show the different scenes come randomly, very much like they are part of a dream. If you try to analyze how the scenes fit together while watching the show, your effort will be to no avail. Instead it is better to understand that various characters and scenes can pop-up arbitrarily, so you can focus on the cutting edge choreography by Wade Robson and innovative costumes by Mérédith Caron.

This show is a unique combination of two distinct art forms, Criss Angel’s clearly carved out persona as a magician and Cirque du Soleil. The different elements create an avant-garde dose of entertainment that you need to see to Believe.

If you are going to be deciding which shows in Las Vegas to see this year, if you like Cirque du Soleil and magic this is the show for you. Criss will be performing on and off all through the year of 2009.